Ems Dollart Business Forum

The Ems Dollard Business Forum is a jointly organized event of the municipalities of Leer (GER), Oldambt (NL)  and Vlagtwedde (NL) in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for East Frisia and Papenburg. It is designed to promote German - Dutch crossborder businesses activities. Experience shows that many entrepreneurs consider to expand their business abroad, but do not know where to begin or how to give it shape. Therefore, the EDBF offers the right tools to tackle these obstacles and supports entrepreneurs to  enter the market abroad with confidence.
By organizing bilinigual business events the Ems Dollard Business Forum tries to encourage outside the box thinking among German and Dutch entrepreneurs. If necessary, the EDBF can even offer professional translation services to increase the effectiveness of each business meetup.
The next EDBF-Event will be held in early 2018.
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