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The Mandulis Energy Story

In June 2018, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) invited Elizabeth Nyeko, Co-Founder of Mandulis Energy, to give a lecture on renewable energy in Africa. Mrs. Nyeko was recently named one of the "MIT Innovators under 35" in 2018. In her lecture, the businesswoman delivered interesting insights regarding this new industry in Africa and the development of Mandulis Energy.
Mandulis Energy is a developer of renewable energy projects in emerging markets. The company started in Uganda, where it's pilots are operational. It develops both on-grid and off-grid power projects. Crucially, Mandulis Energy is committed to creating and deploying new technologies and approaches, including proprietary software, to address the energy access "trilemma" by reconciling reliability, sustainability and affordability.
After her lecture Mrs. Nyeko answered some questions from the audience.